Thursday, March 25, 2021

Springtime Doctor Visit

The Mister

Closed fracture, one rib, left side. Yep!  After a doctor visit and x-ray, we know why his pain is so great. They no longer wrap or brace the body like they did (about 40 years ago, that is when I broke ribs - twice!) and he was sent home with Rx pain med, instructions for other pain relievers and told to keep taking deep breaths, even when it hurts. Soooooo here we go on the recovery road.

I'm relieved that they didn't keep him there and know he'll be OK, using the walker, going back and forth the length of the cabin several times a day for exercise. Whew! What a day for our daughter who drove him there, stayed during the visit and waited for the x-rays to be completed. She is so good about all things medical as she has had training in the past. 

While they were gone I went out looking for Spring. A neighbor fellow was fishing from his kayak along the edges of the lake where the ice has melted. I saw a few of the old daffodils starting to pop up. Soon the yard will be needing a thorough clean up and our yard man will have the entire job this year! A couple of ATVs whizzed by so we know the signs. 

And look at what my friend who lives in Western Virginia found on their newly purchased acreage!  Pretty special, eh?
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  1. Praying all heals perfectly!! I love favorite springtime blossom.

  2. Hopefully, as Anni said, the Mr. will heal perfectly, and I am adding quickly. Nothing says spring like daffdils. Aren't they the most cheerful looking flower ever? I am now another of your followers, so I will know when you put up a new post.

  3. Hey Hope the Mister he's up.ok . Glad he got pain meds. Also real nice to hear that in the middle of all the worry you went to look for Spring! Way to keep a positive look on life. Very nice images of the flowers sprouting! The wind is trying to blow the pottery away today.