Monday, March 29, 2021

One Day at a Time...

I think the healing of a broken rib will take quite a while. We are both taking it one day at a time. I've picked up several chores that the Mister did daily and he is now walking laps back and forth-end to end of the cabin for exercise with the handy dandy walker. He's also needing to be encouraged to take more deep breaths to keep pneumonia at bay. The most difficult thing for him is the coughing spells. They are nothing new, but now they are painful beyond description. Errands have been run by a good neighbor and friend and our daughter as well. 

Everyone needs an escape from tough situations. I can't possibly comprehend how tornado and flood victims get through the recent disasters. My escape is reading and baking and keeping up with the necessary paperwork of household and personal responsibilities. Thank goodness I seem to still have a fairly clear mind and abilities to do this. Being not able to drive is my biggest handicap at the present but there are ways to get around even this.  Soooooo, one day at a time has become my mantra, along with the old one of "Do not fall!"

Baked a loaf of bread, and made a ham, cheddar cheese, spinach and egg quiche recently. Re-vamping kitchen cupboards and taking inventory. Every day a step further. Waiting for the daffodils to bloom. 

Please tap on image to view the goodness better


  1. Hope things get better!! The baked goods look real good!

  2. I feel his pain with just the mention of coughing. You're doing fine; extra chores & more appreciation of your spouse & family!!! And will/courage to move on in a situation you have been dealt.

  3. Oh my, what a wonderful cook you are. Your loaf of bread and quiche look so wonderfully delicious. I am sorry that the Mr. is having to endure such pain, and hope he will soon be better. I think the best we all can do is to remember, "One day at a time."

  4. Ahh the smell of fresh bread !!!❣