Friday, April 2, 2021

Moving On

April is supposed to bring flowers BUT it started off with another snow event! The ground was covered. Today is it still cold. 11am and 24°!  

Last night while watching Life Below Zero° Next Generation, the fellow on the Brooks Range section said, "Life is movement. When you stop moving, you're dead!"

I try to keep moving. I push the Mister to keep moving. He is doing it with the walker and that is a very good  thing. I prefer to create in the kitchen and, believe me as I've aged, it's not simple now. However it does keep me moving! I have a hard time believing that, in the past, after coming home from a full day's work, I could throw together a macaroni-cheese casserole and have it ready to serve at 6pm. Yesterday I grated the two blocks of cheese and lined the pan with foil in the morning. Did the dishes. Early evening I cooked the macaroni and put together the dish and baked it for supper. Did the dishes. After the meal was thoroughly enjoyed, especially by the Mister, I packed up the remainder of the meal in 5 containers and stored it in the big freezer. Did the dishes. Let me tell you, this may be the last time I make this meal. The good news? Now we have an ample supply ready for a few more main entrees of dinners.

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Well, I haven't baked cookies for a while and the guilt is setting in. I already have chopped walnuts, golden raisins and oatmeal, brown sugar, eggs, butter - - What do you think?



  1. I have never been one to enjoy baking cookies. I like cookies, but scratch baking...nope. I'd rather make a one time baking recipe like a cake or pie. Now, the macaroni/cheese casserole looks mighty good!!! A lot of cleaning, but worth the effort once you take one out of the freezer ... Right?

  2. Hey this looks great! It made me hungry! Great to.know the Mister is up.and moving around.

  3. I think you are one great cook! Enjoy the cookies!