Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Cruising Through My Old Photos

I really need to thin out some of my photos. The computer tells me that I have 28,250 photos on the Macbook Pro laptop alone starting with the year 2009! I'm half afraid to see how many are on the old iMac!

Today I'm choosing some insects, turtles and critters to view again. I have to really hunt for them as my photos are saved in yearly clusters. 

Here goes ... (NO birds, fish or deer this time around) please click on link to YouTube below.

6 minute video


  1. Very nice slide show! You were busy with that many images. I empty my cloud account each year and back them up at a different place to save room and for safe keeping.

  2. I always put my older images on flash drives AND disks. Your photo numbers amount to near equal mine over the years (family, birds, & flowers for me)