Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Fifty Four Years Ago

Today is the birthday of my youngest daughter. She's 54 years old now and has two children, a son age 19 and a daughter age 17. Her husband is going to celebrate his 60th year tomorrow.

She came in a very fast way, almost in the hallway of the hospital. The delivery room trip was out of the question until after she appeared. 

As my fifth child, I should have known not to leave home at the last minute as possible. It all did work out. While her father was parking the car after dropping me off into a waiting wheelchair, she was born and my mother, her grandmother, a hospital employee, was the first to see her!

She is named after a my great aunt who willed me her beautiful hand painted Limoges china collection. 

Her name has the meaning of victory and strength, and fits her well.

please tap image to view these old photos larger
I love reliving good times through viewing my old photos and reviving the memories!


  1. What a sweetie, and, no doubt, a joy to the entire family.

  2. Awwww, sweet dreams are made of these memories. Happy, happy, birthday.

  3. Hi there, I just found your blog through another blog I was reading tonight.. What a lovely post about your daughter and I so enjoyed all your photos. I too love to relive old memories through photos as well :) A very happy birthday to your daughter..

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter and her husband. Love the post and pictures. By the way, her birthday is the same as my grandson, Pierce, who turned 11.

  5. Hope your daughter had a happy Birthday! Enjoyed seeing the family images! Very nice!