Saturday, April 10, 2021


James was drawing several gawkers yesterday as they passed by. The reactions were a treasure, especially when I watched two ladies stop, look, and chatter with hand hands going and heads shaking. The discussion would probably have been interesting. You see, our yardman had just completed filling the holes that the bees, bugs, and woodpeckers made last late Autumn when I wasn't paying enough attention to James and his comfort. It's now time for a fix. A little plastic surgery. The first step was to fill the holes. Well, after that operation some seeped out and it looked like he was spewing nasty stuff!

The good news is that the excess material has been removed today and the project will soon be completed with wood putty and stain. That's the plan. Then he can be dressed in his Spring Glory attire! A bluebird came and sat on his head after he was cleaned up so that is a great sign that all will be well.

Speaking of Spring Glory - the daffodils in the old-old rock garden have started to bloom. The ones in the flowerbeds around the front porch haven't. The porch area only gets a few minutes of sunshine in the early morning at this time of year. It's a waiting on Mother Nature Game! She always knows what she's doing.

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  1. I would've liked to hear what the ladies chatted about. James musta started singing "Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder". Everything is satisfactual.

    Pretty 'dils!!

  2. Haaa! Glad to see James is healing up after his ear problem.

  3. James is a lucky guy to have you looking after him.