Monday, February 22, 2021

More Snow Today

Darn! I was hoping the sun would come out! I took these shots yesterday when the sun wasn't shining at 7:30am. Boring window views yes, I know! 

It was also cold at 7:30am. 

The unusual thing is that we never saw temperatures go below zero this year. VERY unusual! This is looking out through the bathroom window.

Now I have a funny story to tell you about what happened to a relative who lives about nine miles away. They have a long uphill curvy driveway to the home.

“We discovered that after the snow on Thursday, FedEx delivered 2 packages but did not drive up our drive!  Instead they put the 2 packages in our garbage container! It was a chore to get them out as the container was frozen to the ground so we could not tip it over. We had to take a heavy rake and pull them out! Glad there was nothing fragile in them!”

I'm guessing that the driver thought the packages would be protected there. He did his best to deliver! Good thing the container was empty!

Well, that's all folks. It is 24° and fine snow is coming down fast at 11:30 on this Monday morning. Good thing we got our grocery shopping done yesterday. More snow expected for tomorrow. Only 26 more days until SPRING!


  1. Warmer weather on the way! I hope!! Have a great day!

  2. I'm glad to know the garbage wasn't picked up & dumped into a garbage truck. Funny, but still a bit idiotic move on Fed-Ex. Keep warm.

    1. I think the garbage WAS picked up and the container was empty but not brought back to the house. It was the perfect place to leave the boxes - until the next garbage pick-up date!

  3. I enjoy seeing what the world looks like through your windows. I always get excited about the first snow of the season, but then I am completely done with it!