Thursday, April 11, 2013

Updates and Outdates

The cable guy came this morning because we had a power outage last night and the box wouldn't reboot. I spent over 45 minutes on a live computer chat with our service and, finally, she told me we need to have a man come. DUH!

It seems that, since my husband finally bought his new 46 inch flat screen TV, much to our surprise the cable box became outdated. We simply could make that old box function after a small power loss. (It was actually about 2 years ago the box was put in so husband could watch car races on a channel he can't get otherwise.)

I hate it when old things don't function as well as new things because they once did and new things just don't care! Am I making sense? Well, maybe not. I don't function as well as I used to either.

One end result is that the new box doesn't accommodate both the VCR and the DVD players. Only one of them can be hooked up at a time. Oh, the choices the man of the house here has to make!

The cable man just got out the door and had started up his truck when my husband discovered the hand remote control wouldn't jump back to the channel that he was on before moving to the one he was currently watching. Caught him just in time! There was a bit of panic in husband's voice as he darted to the front porch waving his hands.

Now we have a new cable box, a new remote control and a new TV. Whoop-de-do!

And.... his remote headset plays in stereo. It never did. 

YES! We rejoice with all of the wonderful changes. YES! (If we say so, it must be true.)


  1. First of all I love your house. It's of similar construction and decor as friends of mine who moved to New Hampshire and built a home. It's quite inviting.

    Companies will stall trying to help you until they are cornered.
    I'm glad it all worked it out.

  2. I am glad everything is updated now and your husband gets to watch and listen in stereo.

    Lovely house!

  3. Excellent! You have your new computer and Ed has his new TV.
    Ed can watch his races and you
    can keep writing these awesome blogs and play with your pictures. I love when a plan comes together. Enjoy!!