Monday, April 29, 2013

Mesmerized by Shapes and Sights

Yesterday was a day to go outdoors. I get energized when the weather is becoming seasonally correct and it is now REALLY SPRING! and....this is MY country.

"This Is My Country" is an American patriotic folk song composed in 1940. 
The lyrics are by Don Raye.

So, off on a quest for photo opportunities. Surprise!
 I found some! Well....many.

First, I spotted the curvy stone wall down the road...

Then sculptures of metal...

I never saw one bird or squirrel or any other critter!
Came home tired but happy.

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  1. I do this as well. Grab a camera and just go for a walk someplace. I liked the stone structures and the wide open spaces. There aren't many of them around here.