Thursday, April 25, 2013


Otherwise known as learning by doing, so I did.

It was so nice outdoors this morning that I took laundry to town and HUNG IT OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR! YEA! I had to stand on a footstool that we carry in the vehicle when we travel so I can get in the truck easier because of my shoulder injury last year, but I did it! I hung out laundry on the clothesline!

Then, feeling so proud of myself, I dug out my tripod that I had buried deeply in the closet thinking I wouldn't be able to use it much anymore. I first had to practice its use and the tilting feet were frozen, but husband got them unstuck and I relearned the various functions until I thought I had it under control. Donning brimmed cap and sweater, out the door I went. Now you must know that I only once ever used the Panorama mode and it came out terrible and warped and not good at all. Determination and persistence "seem" to have paid off, because the results are very satisfactory - to me at least! I already have discovered that, after uploading them to the computer, if I view them as large as possible they don't look warped at all. It looks as if I'm really standing in the road and turning around and looking out over the lake. What do you think? 
Please view them as large as you can 


  1. Beautiful pictures... love the panoramic view. I am not surprised. You can pretty much accomplish any job you set out to do. Hanging the wash had to be tough. I'm impressed.

  2. Oh, wow! No wonder you love living there!!! Amazing pictures and such a beautiful view...I wouldn't put curtains up on my windows either!!!

  3. Those are wonderful shots. I use the panoramic feature on my photo program. It's a neat tool.