Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Feeling Creative Today

I have made over 500 photo manipulations on the computer since 2008 when I discovered I could. Now I still make them and I've never had the application called "Photoshop" that so many others use. I found free programs on the internet and I use two that are contained in my computer software. Imaging editing is enjoyable for me to learn and I've explored and experimented with every option I have found.

I use almost all of my own photos, but once in a while, I create with friends' photos. They tell me they don't mind. My friends are very tolerant.

Today I took the digital files of the Sunday Spring Walk and amused myself with them. I have put together a collage that is pleasing to me. My husband says my creations are not very understandable as artwork, but I really don't care because the fun is in the creating.

The resulting collage is this one.
It consists of 11 individual works. 
Click on photo to view larger.

It's my desktop photo today. 
(I have a very large computer screen.)


  1. Hey that's a neat feature! I don't have that feature on my photo program. I like to play with pictures as well. Please show us more.