Thursday, May 2, 2013

Springtime Memories

Another very nice day to wander around home after hanging laundry. There were some very tiny fishes near the water's edge. And the perennials are poking up and doing well. It's dandelion time! Years ago, many years ago, I would gather my kids together to pluck and toss the little yellow heads in buckets and bring them home to make wine. It took many buckets and is too much work for me now. I have kept my Grandmother's recipe. 

It's dandelion wine-making time!
(written by me in 2010)
The fields are covered with these lovely yellow blossoms. Pick them mid-day when they are at their fullest. Get your big bucket and scram! The following is my grandmother's recipe. I remember my mother making this. I have made it several times, too, but once in a while it would turn out just like VINEGAR! When it's good, it's VERY VERY GOOD! (Just like Mary Contrary.)
6 Qts. blossoms, no stems.
Pour 8 qts of boiling water over them; let stand 24 hours. Do not have on the stove at all.

Strain and put in large jar or crock, then add 7 lbs sugar and stir until dissolved; add three sliced lemons and three oranges; let stand together 4 days.

Take out the fruit after pressing out the juice, and strain again to take out the thick fruit, then let stand in cellar three or four weeks.

Bottle it but do not put corks in tight, just laid on top, do not seal until all fermentation ceases.

Mother's note: "I think the crock should be covered with a cloth to keep out dust.
(Not a tight lid.)"

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