Thursday, May 9, 2013

Exploration Riding

The winds were high yesterday and the sand really burns your face and legs and any other part that is exposed so.........I didn't venture on to it at all. First, I don't want to get sand in my camera OR in my eyes. Secondly, I'm very afraid of sunburn and wasn't wearing my beach cap and didn't cover myself with ooey-gooey sunscreen. I have yet to find a sunscreen that repels sand OR sun. They just don't - for me. I just took pictures in the less "dangerous" settings. More flowers will come to you later. They all are very beautiful and full this season.

I found some leftover hay bales that were abandoned when the beach ride was finished in November. This is the only campground that lets horses and all other equines camp here during that time. It is an annual event and fundraiser for the heart association. It is wonderful!

Then I went up on the sand-covered ramp to become a "beach-head" while bucking wind and trying to get good shots.

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