Saturday, April 23, 2011

Curiosity Satisfied

Yesterday and this morning, because it's really raining and nasty outdoors, I've been trying to catch up with identifying some of the photographic studies of the subjects I find at the campground. Lately it's a little purple flower, fungus on tree, mushrooms on the campsites, and a pet bug - a very tame bug that stayed with me for quite a while.

The internet is so very helpful and I've found a great site to help me with this endeavor:

As you know by now, I've always been interested in the natural and beautiful things that surround me. Now I know that the little lavender flowers I photographed have a name.

The large and damp bulbous growth on the side of a tree is a giant Birch polypore! I hope it's still there when I go to SC in May. I want to cut it open and examine it closer.
Giant Birch Polypore

Agaricomycetidae (Gill Subclass of Boletaceae)

Boletaceae- Bolete Family


Box Elder Bug (Isn't he beautiful!!)

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