Thursday, April 21, 2011

Music is my Heartbeat.

Seriously, I have always believed that music is a wondrous creation that actually DOES soothe the soul. I know it for a fact, personally. Today I'm playing the classics. The internet has given me the opportunity to REALLY enjoy myself while I work. It makes me feel good when the day is dreary and cold. It makes me feel just fine when life seems boring. I don't even have to dig into the CD collection. I have donated my cassettes and old LP, 78 and 45 records away to others through the past few years. It was a painful decision, but the need for space rose above the hoarding instinct and I'm not sorry.

Have you ever thought about which you would rather have if you had your "druthers?"I swing back and forth between the sense of sight and the sense of sound and still haven't come to a conclusion. I'm so lucky to have both working so efficiently still.

Now I can swing and sway and dance and tap and clap and also look outside my primitive abode to enjoy the sights of nature as well. Won't you join me?

I have a great selection pegged of almost all types: classical, opera, film, orchestra, instrumentals - organ, piano, guitar, saxophone, drums - rock and roll, country (the "old kind"), blues, ragtime, folk, gospel, dixie, jazz, marching bands, children's and almost all others. My playlists contain HUNDREDS of my hand picked selections. I don't care for hip hip or rap. Maybe it's my age.

For instance, "Peter and the Wolf" is a wonderful narration with music that brought back my childhood memories. If you have never heard of Kitaro, just listen to his. WOW!

I even have a manifest of my favorite crooners and singers, and perhaps some of them are on your list as well.

A hint: Wear large and wonderful headphones to really lose yourself and you won't bother others in your nearby surroundings.

Try making your own.

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