Wednesday, November 4, 2015

THE Apple Cake

Yesterday I peeled, cored and quartered 5 large Cortland apples. I put them in a gallon size slider bag and stored it overnight in the refrigerator. This morning the work began. The VERY OLD recipe that I got from a friend many years ago is a labor-intensive one and I don’t make this cake often. 

The apples must be sliced VERY thin. I do this with my 1915 Bluffton slaw cutter. I’m VERY careful because one time I sliced the tip of my thumb off when making slaw! It only took that one time to have me always remember thereafter how sharp that old tool is! The slices I get are almost paper thin and this cake is worth the risk.
Bluffton Slaw Cutter
Manufacturing one of the best Cutters and Graters in the world has been the goal of The Bluffton Slaw Cutter Company since it's founding in 1915.  This is achieved by hammered blades that wear sharp with use.  These tools are a life-time investment and are efficient, hand-operated and easy to use and clean.  The user controls the texture and thickness of fruits and vegetable by pressure and speed.  Major markets of the Bluffton, Ohio Company are the United States, Canada and Japan.
The batter is heavy and sticky and difficult to remove from the bowl into the pan. There are three layers of batter and two of the apple slices which have been sitting in a mixture of sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg while the batter is being prepared. 
The baking time is one and one half hours, and the cooling of the baked cake is about one half hour before turning over onto the cake plate. That is tricky. This is a HEAVY cake!
AND super SUPER SUPER delicious! 
One for me and one for YOU!
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