Thursday, November 5, 2015

Through the Car Windows

We took a ride this morning to Outback for my favorite clam chowder bowl and the mister's bloomin' burger. It is about 33 miles from home so I brought my camera to have in case I saw something to photograph. On the return trip the sky view through the windshield looked like fluffy cotton balls or even cottage cheese (not buttermilk). The tinted glass and auto setting of the camera showed it to be a bit eerie there at high noon.

On the route we take, I see many possibilities of good shots but there always seems to be a car or truck behind us and there is no way we can safely pull off to the side of the road. There was a huge pile of cut wood at another good area where we could have easily stopped BUT there was a fella there loading chunks onto a utility trailer. DANG! He wasn't there when I saw it first on the way out. Further on down the road we were able to pull over so I could shoot this small pile through the passenger door window. Oh well.
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