Friday, April 24, 2015

To Light My Way...

A taste of reality is what hit me today. The electric bill arrived. $40.91 for 29 days. Last month it was $58.07. It must be our lighting system of on/off. If a light is turned on it is because it’s needed to see something. When the need is gone, that particular light is turned off immediately and the next one is switched on wherever we move to. Now, I do bake and stovetop cook and the stove is electric. I use the microwave oven often. The hot water heater is electric. The water pump comes on as the storage tank level drops. The sewer grinder is electric. The TVs both run good lengths of time as does my computer. The refrigerator runs 24/7 of course. Either the dehumidifier or the humidifier is running, according to season.  However, remember we have no dishwasher, no washer, no drier, no freezer, no other electric hog that I can think would jack it higher.

NowI dare you to go through your home and take pictures of your lights and fixtures and no fair dusting first!  It is what it is - reality. I think maybe we are old-fashioned!
Kitchen Over Stove
Over Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Wall
My Bedroom Computer Corner
My Bedroom Printer Corner
My Bedroom Dresser
Inside My Bedroom Closet
Over Bathroom Sink
Inside Bathroom Linen Closet
Mister's Bedroom Dresser
Mister's Bedroom Dresser #2
Inside Mister's Bedroom Closet
Over Dining Room Table
Over Dining Room Counter
Inside "Fibber McGee" Junk Closet
Over Living Room
Living Room Rocking Chair
Living Room Chair
Between Living Room Couch and Chair#2
Living Room Lounge Chair
Inside Carport
Inside Outdoor Porch
Functional Outdoor Flood Lights


  1. your light bill is very low - but we have electric heat and electric a/c (plus washer/dryer, dishwasher, a 2nd small fridge and a small wine fridge, too.)

  2. Your bill isn't that bad. You could always get those battery operated lights for the closets.
    Oh why did you say dusting.