Monday, April 27, 2015

Foolin' With Fotos

Hootin' Anni gave me the idea to put some of my photos in collages again. I have done this before but was going through the older ones today and came up with the idea of choosing some and then making something of the assortment.

Click on image to view larger
2011 Assortment

2012 Pinks & Purples

2013 Yellow Fellows

It keeps me thinking........


  1. How fun and colorful! Bet you had a lot of fun making these.

  2. Pretty pictures! I love flowers.

  3. I really like your flower collages. They are all so pretty... :)

  4. Hey I really like those! Much color and very nice composition. I'm afraid when I have fun with some of my photos they are just silly. Then again I can be quite silly.

  5. I'm lovin' this post Ms. G!!! Such colorful, wonderful images making up the beautiful collages! You did a terrific beautiful.