Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Keepin' Busy Today

Busy day in the old cabin this morning. Son-in-law just came over to take our 2006 truck for state inspection. He’ll go over it thoroughly first to be sure it’ll pass. We feel safe when we travel, knowing it is maintained so well. 

I have old fashioned style split pea soup simmering on the stove. Yesterday I cooked down the Easter dinner ham bone, put the pot outdoors overnight to bring the fat to the top so I could skim it off this morning and start the soup. It will be finished this afternoon and I will share some with our daughter, when her husband returns to deliver our truck. 

It is pouring down moderate to heavy rain as I write. The Mister is shredding old files that I shouldn’t have kept since 2002! Now it must be done. We have been procrastinating attacking this project for way too long. It is a start but will probably take us all summer to complete. The shredder is a small size and needs to rest and cool down after every ten minutes of work. The Recycling Center will take it all if we empty the big black bagfuls into the waste paper bins. So far we have two of them! We have no other way to eliminate such an accumulation of personal documents. 

We hung a clock and a lovely tile of a hand-painting on the log wall today. The clock was a recent gift from a dear long-time friend. The artist who painted the tile is well known in our area and a lovely lady and friend to boot. I’m proud to have two pieces of her work. The “Roosters” is a wonderful depiction of our country life.

Since going outdoors to clean up the yard is out of the question today, I hope to make some Rice Crispy Treats this afternoon to appease the sweet tooth issue we both have.

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  1. love the painting! so sweet! and split pea soup - yum!

  2. Why don't you burn some of the files in the fireplace or burn them outside?
    I love split pea soup. I'm going to cook a ham soon so I can make it.