Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Thaw

This morning there were several geese walking on the lake. I think they were looking for water. I watched them for several minutes, enjoying the experience, then.... thought to get the camera. This is all I was able to shoot before my batteries went dead! 


  1. It looks as spring there as it does here. I haven't made any kind of photo expeditions yet. Just a few shots of big piles of snow. I do like the remote feel of the location. If I wasn't so lazy I would go out and snap a few at the lakes. Nah.

  2. they're so cute! hope you can see spring soon!

  3. That's a cute video. It does look like they were looking for water... :)

  4. Ah... so cute. I'm glad they found water.
    Spring will be here soon.