Sunday, April 5, 2015

Snowy Easter Sunday

And we thought it was gone! It came down harder soon after I took these pictures.

A couple of hours later, the Mister had to put the truck into four wheel drive to get us out of the lake and onward for a great ham dinner at our daughter's home.

The frozen road had softened over the past few days and now was a muddy slushy mess. We met two cars full of people stuck. We had to backtrack and go out an alternate route. This is what happens in April when the frost starts to leave. One year, back a while ago, the school bus buried itself in foot deep soft mud ruts. It took a large piece of construction equipment to pull it out. 

Well, it is a transition that occurs annually and sometimes we forget all of the other good things about living in the country. Time will take care of mud and snow and then we'll move into our beautiful spring months and forget all about muddy roads - until next year.

Last year we took a ride through the countryside on Easter Sunday - quite a difference, eh?

And not to forget how the children were dressed for church in 1962. There were only 4 then. 

And 1966. I notice stockings and gloves on the girls and tie clips on the boys.

 Of course the girls wore hats.


  1. cute look back. :) i remember lots of snowy, slushy easters from my wisconsin youth. spring will come! :)

  2. Wow goes to show mother nature is definitely in charge lol

  3. The children are precious. I remember dressing in our Easter finery for mass. Mama usually sewed dresses which all matched. Hope you guys thaw out soon!