Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Waiting for Spring in PA

Well we have returned to this! The good news is that, though the back wall logs are damp, there is no water running on the floors. What a relief!

I was too busy in the short time we were "getting away from it all" and didn't take many pictures.

Sand dollars found on the beach by my friend, Shirley.

Iris were in full bloom when we left.

Hand knitted birthday socks from a friend, Mary, of Canada.

My new Crepe Myrtle cane made by Arnold, an 85 year old gentleman from TN.

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  1. beautiful cane! great looking socks! you've got gifts, galore! (glad the floor is okay).

  2. So glad you and Ed are home safely. I love the socks.

  3. Those sand dollars are perfect! And that crape myrtle cane is really beautiful. Glad you didn't get water in the house!

  4. Love that cane!!!

    And those sand dollars...they're huge!!!!

    Snow? Still? Oh well, at least the water didn't do any damage.