Friday, November 19, 2021


My dance of life and living continues...

The men came yesterday and sealed up the area around the chimney so when hard rain comes, it can no longer leak down the yellow bricks onto the wooden beams indoors. Well, it was a very hard rain! Shouldn't have leaked. Probably won't rain like that for  many years to come, I hope!

A delivery was made yesterday. The package contained specialty cheeses, jellies and crackers. Just in time - I was out of cheeses, and jellies! It was a gift from dear friends who live far, far over the ocean. The box also contained a note telling me that it was #1 of TWO! I am anticipating a second delivery soon.

Another delivery also arrived. It contained some smaller fleece slacks as my older warm ones are way too large for me now. (I just ordered some smaller underwear too, FYI!)

I had to call my neighbor to bring me more Victor mouse traps. I'm not emptying them and reusing. I went through all four so far. The refillable bait station hasn't been touched and the sticky glue traps are empty. Guess that tells me something. When he came I had to have him open my new jelly jars because my strength for this mundane chore has left.

A blogger I follow showed pictures of some of her porcelain birds. That prompted me to research one of several mantel pieces that have been here for a long time. (Of course they are all ducks!) My mom loved ducks.

I have this pair here
My cheery young neighbor delivered my clean laundry this morning. She picks it up every other Thursday and delivers on Friday. I'll bet she wonders why there are so many pillow cases needing to be done. Well, I drool when I sleep - doesn't everyone? The scary part of her laundry responsibility for me is that her driveway is very steep and curvy. It sure will be a challenge for her throughout the winter. As she will accept no fees nor supplies for her caring service, I'm thinking very hard about a special holiday gift suited for such generosity.

There are quite a few Canada Geese on the lake now. I hope they are just passing through. 

OH! First SNOW today! I took these just before the sun came out!
PLEASE tap images for larger view
Time to change his autumn leaves to winter scarf!


  1. What a fantastic neighbor! You got more snow than we did. Lucky you!

  2. I love, love, LOVE your ducks! So colorful they are.

    Yay for the roof work. And, Too need someone to open jars.

  3. What a very nice neighbor! So very kind!