Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Down and Out

Well the little critters just licked the peanut butter off of the Victor traps and they didn't set off.  I have refilled them with dried cherries and really squashed the bait into the teeth of the metal trip pedal. That should work. (no cheese on hand)

In the meantime, I almost stepped on a dead one in the back bedroom as only its tail stuck out under the floor rug. I think it got into the d-con refillable bait station that I had put on the linen closet shelf and then went out to find water.

The war is on! By the way on November 2, 2018 the mouse count was 5, vole 1. Trap reset almost every morning.

Past Experience Link

Older Past Experience Link

Much older Past Experience Link



  1. We finally caught our invader on a sticky trap. Then, we put a bait station outside.

  2. Nasty things!! The critters, not the traps.

  3. Hahhhhhh! That's what happened here. Not set off traps!!!

    Good luck with the War!


  4. Looks like you are winning that war.