Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Battle

There are so many beautiful and wonderful photos and poems being posted and written in the blogging world and here I am going against my grain showing another side. It is a 'necessary evil' to kill the tiny invaders but it is also important for me to fight this small battle against those little ones.

So far the Victor traps have very humanely ended the natural activity in the surrounding landscape of my abode. The count is climbing as is the purchase of new traps as they are activated and then deposited directly into the trash can.  

So far the mouse count is 2 inside, 4 outside plus 1 vole outside. Now if there were a humane way to discourage the little busy invasive red squirrels I might try it. They seem to have multiplied over the past few years and appear quickly and often. Oh well, I'd better leave that thought. So far they haven't destroyed my stuff but I do know of others who have been invaded and taken over by them in their outbuildings. 

Warning, the picture I took this morning might be disturbing to some. It felt no pain, believe me!


  1. As far as I'm concerned,that's one less you have to deal with!!

  2. Good luck with that problem. If anyone can solve it, it's you.