Monday, November 1, 2021

Aha! Nah!

I just figured out how companies are saving money on some grocery store items. I had used to the last drop, my 24 oz. Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing and opened the new backup that was purchased about two months ago. After opening the new one, the surprise was that the cap didn't have a flip top with a hole under it to squeeze out just the amount a person would want to come out with a push, and on to the food item. What? No flip cap lid? WELL....I dug out the old one, same size, same product, and that cap had a perfect squirtable flip cap lid. It fit onto the new bottle! Who knew! They just want us to use more! Yep! That has happened to another product in the past and I did the same thing.

Have you noticed that the holes in the sprinkle-type top of some common spices are larger than ever? Same thing! Bigger holes = more product used, replacement needed sooner. I just save the small hole tops and replace them onto the new container and throw out the large hole caps.

These flip top lids came on the same spice containers - a powder! One is in use, the other is my back-up. Guess which I will throw out!

Yes, I have heard about same size boxes, less contents. "They" are thinking they're so smart and getting away with fooling us but we old-timers know better.

(This picture below was created for November. I cannot figure out how to draw feathers with my finger on the tap pad. Oh well, might try again. I don't think I'm using the correct tool in the old app either.)


  1. Hello, I liked your comment on Beside a Babbling Brook about being positive and prepared with winter coming. You are a clever clogs for switching out those caps! I don't like it when "they" change things that I have gotten used to, and which work just right. Happy November! xoxo

  2. Lovin' your turkey!! And yes, it's all about money/profit. Some measure when using so size doesn't matter, but you and I don't measure (at least I don't), so out with the new and in with the old!!

  3. -chuckle- Ahhhh but a 'lady of a certain age,' is foiling them!!!!!!!!!

    “It's so much darker when a light goes out
    than it would have been if it had never shone.”

    🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂 🍂

  4. I suspect you will figure out the feathers! What fun!

  5. Great job switching out the caps. That was real sharp!