Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Winter Watch

Yes, the lake finally is starting to freeze. There is snow on top of the frozen sections and the dipper ducks are staying at open water along the edge. There is a light snow falling. The snow plow went through - not plowing - spreading cinders. I was able to hang my yarn wreath on the front porch logs by the front door and set out a small green glass Christmas tree next to Henry after bringing in the Thanksgiving ceramic pumpkin.

The next big project will to have someone remove James' leaves and snuggle him in for the season with his scarf. Oh! I also will try to remove my 49 year old ceramic tree from the linen closet without breaking off the top. Will have to tilt it to get it past the door openings. I sure do want to have those cheery lights on for the month of December as in all of the past years. I'll have to let you know how that works out!!

Dinner last night was too much for one meal, so I'll have a repeat tonight. I had put together a dinner for one with 14 of the garlic herb shrimp from Schwan's and discovered that I only could eat 1/2! They were very good and filling over a small portion of rice and freshly cooked broccoli.

Let the season begin!
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  1. Sounds too cold for me! Love the green in the window!! And, I look forward to seeing your holiday lights!!

  2. All decked out for the season ❣🌟