Wednesday, November 3, 2021

It's Hereeeeeee!

Big fat flakes came down for a short while early this morning. When I looked out at 6:45am the temperature gauge told me it was exactly 32° and the frost was everywhere, though light. Ok - First frost - First snow - Third day of November. NOT better late than never but that isn't my concern. Mine is to be sure I'm ready, with the help of others that is. 

Yesterday I got the 'bright' idea to call the place where we bought our golf car several years ago to see if they did storage. THEY DID! When they gave me the charge for this service I immediately told them to come and get it! That way it won't have to be hooked up here with the heavy duty wire that gets plugged into the porch receptacle so the switch can be turned on on regular intervals to keep the batteries charged. It won't have to be covered. It will sit indoors in a facility where it is safe, warm, charged and cared for and I can have it delivered back (in about 6 months from now) whenever the warm weather returns. Hey! The price was so minimal and fair for the entire service, and the payment will be due upon its return, I feel great relief!

I made a feather for my hat on this one! See?
The Yard Guy has just about completed winter preparations yesterday. He blew some more leaves, did a final mow, covered the porch swing, stacked the porch chairs, brought the large snowblower out from the shed and started it up. It is now stored in the carport, ready for use. He raked the stones around in there for better coverage and distribution to make the area smoother. He turned on the switch at the heat tape control box for the water supply protection. That tape goes underground from the well into the pump shed. It then goes around the switch and storage tank in there and out again to cover the pipe that brings it into the cabin. This pipe goes through and under the carport roof and into the log wall. I'll still have to trickle water when the temperature gets around 15° just to make sure nothing freezes. The only thing he has yet to do is to bring into the carport the container of ice melt, and the snow shovel and fill the gas cans. I brought in the silky swinging craft hoops from the porch for the winter. That was easy but I couldn't have done any of the other preparations without his very competent help. I'm not his only responsibility around here. He takes care of many others after school and on weekends. You see, he is a school teacher and his wife is as well. They have a family of several teenagers and are very busy people involved in multiple activities. I am sooo fortunate to have this help. 


  1. Super that you are so ready for Winter!!!!!!!!

    🍁 🍎 🍁 🍎 🍁

  2. Sounds like a win/win winter storage & preparation!!

  3. Sounds like your winter preparations are right on track. I would have stored the cart as well! One less thing to worry about... Living here in South Carolina for the last 18 years I can honestly say I miss the long cold winters and the SNOW! How I miss snow. We get frost in the mornings and it looks so beautiful. For a while in the mornings everything is a beautiful white with frost but soon as that sun comes out within an hour it's all gone.

    Its good you have the help you need. I really wish we did as well...

  4. That sounds like a great deal on storage! Nice!!