Friday, November 26, 2021


No black Friday shopping for me. I like to stay in and watch the one or two flakes falling. It is slightly snowing. 

The pottery candle I lit yesterday morning at 7:30am is still burning. Yes, I left it burning all night long. It gave me a feeling of peace and comfort and seemed like a living thing. I really wonder how long it will continue to burn before the tiny wooden wick drowns in the wax. Time will tell, I guess. Smells like apple spice in here!

I'll be freezing up leftovers later and am warm and relaxed. There is nothing like peace. I sure don't envy those who are traveling. Been there - did that - no more. 

I will have to bring in my ceramic pumpkin from the porch table, clean it and put it away for another time. James is hankering for his winter scarf and his leaf garland will need to be removed soon. The yarn wreath that a very young girl made for me as a gift many years ago will be pulled off the bathroom ceiling and hung out. I think It is almost 40 years old!                                                              I treasure it.

So....have a good weekend and stay safe.


  1. That is a grand gift
    ..its age gives it sentimental value. Yep, me too. No shopping for me either. There, we are definitely kindred spirits. Inform us when the candle flame goes out...curious.

  2. Yes the memory of the child presenting the wreath to me at a 4-H club meeting is still strong. The he candle died out at 32 hours. I trimmed the wick, rolled some of the wax away from it and it lit again easily. So far burning for 2 more hours. It is in a pot from my pottery artist.