Monday, November 29, 2021

Good Memories

Last night I watched TV and was blown away with a show special.
One Last Time: An Evening with Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga It was produced a while back but I missed it. (I have been following Lady Gaga for some time now.) The original is on YouTube. Here is a link so you can read the professional review. Just click on it. Go there and come back for more from me.

Lady Gaga has intrigued me since I first came across her acting and singing. She has that "something!" Now to go back many years I must tell you that I have discovered stars before they were stars! 

The first was Hank Williams. In 1947 at age 11, our next door neighbor played cowboy music and I used to go to the window at the end of our upstairs hallway and listen to Hank wailing away from the neighbor's bedroom that faced our house. From then on I was hooked. I guess Hank was already becoming a popular star but I didn't know that and thought I discovered him!

Silly child.

Then next was Patsy Cline. The year was 1950. My boyfriend and I travelled with friends to a little hilltop bar in Mt. Freedom NJ because we had heard of a girl entertainer that sang cowboy songs. I knew after watching and hearing her sing in person at that little bar that she was very very special. I watched her popularity grow through the following years and played her songs constantly. Still do. I saw her in person way before she was well known.

Another was The Everly Brothers. A date with a neighbor brought us to a bar in Budd Lake NJ where this act of brothers was advertised in an enticing way. Free Show! We sat on folding chairs with the boys up front, singing and playing. A tip pot was on the wooden floor for our donation. The year was around 1951. I was 15. I knew then that they would be popular. I have no idea how I knew - but I knew! 

When I first heard Barbra Streisand sing Second Hand Rose, I was playing cards in my girlfriend's living room and the TV was going in the background. The voice and that song stopped me mid-stream and grabbed my heart really hard. Ever since then, she became one of my favorites. I don't know the year but I think I heard that song before at my parent's home with Fanny Brice singing. Barbra was better! The words of that song fit me to a "T."

My parents, especially my mother, loved music of all genres - classical, jazz, pop, hymns, instrumentals, opera, Broadway, holiday, vocal, folk, and all BUT "hillbilly." My dad sang tenor in church, and groups. The lady in the neighborhood for whom I babysat had many record collections of musical compositions of fairy tales such as Peter and the Wolfe. I played them all. I loved them all.

Now to someone VERY different! I latched on to Pavarotti because of his beautiful tenor and passionate singing. It was exciting to watch him singing. I cried when he died. 

I have THOUSANDS of music pieces on my old big computer. The sound resonates well in this high ceiling log cabin. I have developed a liking for blues - old time and new - and some new age recordings. I also like to listen to all piano recordings, even Liberace. Circus music is fun. Hawaiian music is soothing. 

Willie monopolizes my collection. Oh MY! Knew him before he was popular too! No beard, short hair, sweet eyes, unique rhythm.

I don't like hard rock or rap at all. Not music in my book.


  1. I do not like rap either...nuttin' but noise.

    I have a large collection of Pavarotti!! And Willie. Righteous Bros & 5th Demension we're my early before popular seeing in person. Rod Stewart ...seeing him in person was a dream come true.

    1. I also saw Eddy Arnold live in Newark NJ - he was drunk onstage - - And I saw Carl Smith live in a NYC bar wearing a pure white outfit with extra long fringe everywhere. Saw some live beautiful burlesque ladies strut their stuff too. Gypsy Rose Lee was really an entertainer. Nothing dirty about her at all.

  2. Love Willie and Hank!!! Great stories here!