Saturday, November 20, 2021

New Pretty Artwork

As you might remember, if you have been following me for a long time, my brother (82) does glasswork (among many other projects). It was a hobby at first for many years but these days he is seriously producing numerous different patterns and sizes. He comes to me with his examples for my opinion on his designs. A couple of days ago he brought over several large ones and I told him that I liked this one best. After thinking about it, I called him later to see if he would sell me the one I really admired. Yesterday he brought it to me. It measures about 5 inches in diameter. He is also creating others of smaller sizes.

I have taken photos of my new window hanger from several different angles and you can see how the pattern appears when the backgrounds are changed. 

please tap on image to view larger
His Profile is below

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  1. A gift from the heart! Beautiful craftsmanship.

  2. Very nice! I plan to have his work in my Christmas show here at the shed. I hope to hang them in some way folks can get a good look. He gave me one as a gift for fixing his stove part. Great craftsmenship.