Saturday, November 27, 2021


Well it's two days after Thanksgiving and I'm still feeling thankful. I have saved my leftovers and today I have four bowlsful left for the freezer. (There were five; ate one last night.) 

The remaining turkey and gravy will make hot turkey sandwiches for the next couple of days and then will be gone. There is quite a bit still...

I must tell you that the candle is still burning and so far has a total of 51 hours with only one short interruption.
I think a dash of Baileys Irish Cream might be just the thing to sip from this empty pot sometime this evening. I had purchased a large bottle of it to have as a 60th wedding anniversary toast but that ritual was not to be. Now it beckons to me.     - Stop in - I'll share!

Even though there was a light covering of snow on the ground earlier, currently the sun is shining and the breeze is softly blowing here at the lake. However I shall remain indoors, warm and cozy.

My daughter may stop in tomorrow with a ham bone for me to make pea soup. We LOVE pea soup. This time I have a package of Kansas dried yellow split peas to try for the first time. 


  1. I've not had that variety of dried peas either. Your leftovers look scrumptious. That's one of the good things about Thanksgiving...leftovers. And that candle is incredible.