Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Mamma's Baking!

In our later years, the Mister used to say whenever I pulled out stuff to bake something, "Look out! Mamma's baking!"  That really meant for anyone in the house to stay out of my kitchen. Seriously! Especially him! Yes, I never minded the kids watching and helping, but as I got older I just needed the space and quiet to make my creations. My kitchen is my domain.

Today I baked a frozen pumpkin pie from Schwan's and have no idea if it will be tasty or not. Testing will be later today. I also baked a pumpkin spice quick bread loaf from Krusteaz. I have always found that anything sold by Krusteaz comes out delicious and perfect.

BUT! last night I took a cup of dried bing cherries and covered them with Amaretto to soak overnight. Then this morning I strained them and added water to the juice to make the 2/3 cup of water that was called for on the box. That means that half of the liquid was Amaretto and the other half water.  I bounced the strained and soaked cherries around in a bowl with a little flour so they wouldn't stick together before adding the liquid, oil, eggs and mix. The results are very satisfactory.

It is always good to have Cool Whip for topping in the freezer and I especially like the extra creamy variety. 

Cleanups are always part of the 'fun to be dun'.

Don't forget to tap on image to smell the goodness
P.S. Got my booster yesterday. Feeling fine.

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