Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Here we GO!

Welcome to Joyful Red, a new member of the Home Sweet Home Window Team! She’s currently hiding but will soon show off her redhead and long limbs and delicate arms. It will take time. Maybe even eight weeks! I plan to follow her growth and you may be privileged to tag along with me. Loving care is the key and I’ll do my best to keep her nourished and as warm and bright as necessary. She arrived as a wonderful, delightful and challenging gift from dear friends across the big pond.

On a completely different note, I now know why the mouse who got into my paper towels died! He was wire poisoned. Darn! Need some electrician help here! We had a four hour scheduled power outage and it seemed the perfect time to haul out my old treasured ceramic tree and decorate! Not today! 
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  1. What a kind gesture from across the pond!!

    Wire poisoned?!!

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    2. Well the first mouse was found dead on the bedroom floor - no cause except maybe he pigged out on the paper towel. Now I think he ATE some of that wire from my Christmas Tree base. Might have caused internal bleeding. Ya think?

  2. Thank you! Yes, I would love to follow Along with you and Joyful Red’s journey. What a fun group that Home Sweet Home team is.

    Mice can be so destructive. A few years ago we spent hundreds of dollars to repair the wiring in our farm truck.