Saturday, December 4, 2021

Full Day

Remember I said I would put the bone broth kettle out to cool overnight so I could skim the fat off in the morning? Well, I forgot that I can't reach the top of the freezer where I had the Mister put it, and I also remember putting it into the car on the back deck. Oops! Sold car. I sure didn't want to temp the visiting forest critters! Well it ended up in the kitchen refrigerator after I moved things around to make space. Yes, there was a lot of fat to skim off this morning. It wasn't as easy to do as when it used to be hard, but I was able to do it. I found that the yellow split peas cooked down faster than the green ones, went mushier quicker, tried to stick to the bottom even! I had to do an extra amount of stirring. It was tasty but something was missing. I never salt or pepper it as I feel everyone has their own limits on condiment additions, but I did add a little black pepper. It was lunch in my pottery bowl and very filling. I'll stick to the green variety.

It went well with the fresh loaf of whole wheat bread that I baked this morning.
It is ready, after cooling down to put in the freezer. I leave room at the top for expansion. Nice yield!
I had a wonderful surprise from my family friend who took away the base of the ceramic tree and replaced the entire wiring system. He brought it over after dark and it was so wonderful to see it lit and pretty! Happy Dance! It will stay lit the entire season. I like it that much!
Early this morning I decorated it and now my world here is right.
Meatloaf for dinner tonight! I should have lined the pan with foil and now will have a cleanup. I forgot! Dang! Doesn't really matter - I make good meatloaf! I know it is done when the internal temperature reaches 160°. I usually make a bigger one, but this will keep me for a bit.
If anyone wants to help wash dishes and pots and utensils, my door is open. I could feed you too!
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  1. Around here Buddies the dishes! I cook. lol
    Forme, personally, I think the ham bone would give it enough salt. Yellow pea soup doesn't look as appetizing as green. lol

    BEAUTIFUL tree.