Monday, December 13, 2021

Seeing Clearly

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood ... and I should wash the 13 cabin windows! Each one has 6 panes. One is filled with the A/C. That makes it only 12. Oh well, now I will have to have 'someone' do it this Spring. It is a tricky procedure here. First of all you can only clean the storm windows from the outdoor side. To get the inside of the storm windows you have to open the inside window. Sounds easy, right? NOT! Furniture has to be moved. Curtains have to be taken down. The nails that hold the latches tight have to be removed. The sliding latches have to be unlatched - sometimes with a hammer. Then, sometimes the window still won't swing inwards and you have to take a large putty knife and pry the frame to get it to open. THEN... you can clean the inside of the outside storm window, clean the outside of the inside window, shut it and secure it and clean the inside of the inside window. Then put everything that you moved or took down, back! It is a fun job that the Mister always did every year and both 2020 and 2021 it has not been done. 

It really didn't used to be so hard but traffic has picked up on the dirt road making terrible dust over the years here and we have sealed the storm windows with putty. The windows are never opened anymore except the inside ones to clean the glass. Enough dust seeps in the old cabin anyway. For fresh air, the front and side doors are equipped with screen doors. Besides all of that, the settling of the logs has made window opening and closing very difficult.

Of course my dad and mother could never have realized that being so very close to the road would be a dust problem sixty years later. It would have been better to have had their summer retreat cabin set back about fifty feet, right next to the cow path that ran all along behind at the property edges. Of course, at that time it would have caused different problems!

So, here I am, looking out through sunny and hazy windows hoping for a seasonal change that I know will come - in its own time. It could be worse, right? I love my home and I'm lucky to have one! 


  1. Home, is more important than sparkling windows.... -smile-

    "Miss B.B."

  2. This sounds like a ritual for over weeks' time. Same here, but it's hurricane shutters removed, then rehung. So, dirty windows win over.