Friday, December 24, 2021

Gift Thoughts

Two of my daughters know me very well and sweet sugary stuff is a real treat. Also another pewter ornament for my ceramic tree this year is an angel. She is beautiful. In the cupboard is a good supply of spirits as well. 

Two trays of homemade cookies arrived here last evening. YIKES! How I love them and appreciate the work that my two cherished friends completed. Sharing is one of my favorite activities and these are heartfelt gifts that came my way.
One never knows what will happen when one loans a large ancient cookie cutter to a friend, along with a recipe. I know personally that it is a challenge to make these as I did many years ago. It seems that Ginger Jack was out playing in today's snow.
And one of my cookie-bakers has exposed one of my secret loves - a lunchtime treat that I REALLY like! The bean tree for me - all for me! Who knew? Small but mighty.....
As I write this blog, I have a special CD that was sent by friends in HI playing on the old computer with the fantastic sound resonating from the beams and log walls. It is HAPA Holidays. And, Joyful Red is growing well. 

So folks, think positive, share, and be kind. This is the only life you will ever have so don't worry - be HOPPY!

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