Sunday, December 19, 2021


Some blog heading, eh? Well I've been thinking of how to post such a topic but just decided to tell it like it was and is. 

When we had our permanent place in the SC Campground, I slept in the queen size bed at the front of the place and the Mister slept on the twin bed at the rear. This was his choice because the front was close to the road and the rear was under the trees at the back. It worked for many years.

When we were in PA in between trips to SC and living in the cabin, I have the twin bed and the Mister had the double bed. This was my choice. On the double bed was a soft mattress and a foam topper to boot, all under the oversized thick mattress cover! He liked soft beds, I liked much firmer mattresses... did I say MUCH?... I turn constantly all night long due to the shoulder issue and need the firm base to do so.
When the Mister died, it was assumed by others that I would take to sleeping in the double bed. Well, I did try it twice, but soon realized a soft but larger bed was definitely not for me. 

We purchased new mattresses and box springs in 1997 when we moved from across the lake from our large home to the cabin. Since we slept on the new mattresses for only half of all of those years, we considered the mattresses to have only 12 years of use so it isn't time for new.

There! I said it. I like a hard mattress. After I'm gone whoever takes over really should replace the beds and mattresses. I'm not going to do it. Now the 'bed story' is out of my head and I can move on.  
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  1. If I move, I want a sleep number bed. That’s my dream and I’m sticking with it.

  2. Believe it or not The master bedroom here still has a waterbed!!

  3. Common sense says... Use the bed which is the most comfortable. Which you do.


    We have always slept together, in whatever bed we had/have. We have been lucky this way.

    Happy Eve of Winter Solstice / Yule!

  4. At times I sleep like to sleep in the hammock next to the wood stove downstairs. It's real comfy wife like it a bit cooler so she sleeps in the bed. But most of the time we sleep in the same bed. Our mattress is quite firm.