Thursday, December 2, 2021

Memory of Days Gone By...

For the last couple of years I have had to have help lifting the heavy pot of 10 cups of water from the sink to the stove and then many -at least 10- hours later, taking the pot to the sink to dump out the bone into the colander. There will be my large blue container full of broth to pour back into the pot. Next will be to set it outdoors overnight to have the fat float to the top of the broth and be skimmed away. Another seven hours of simmering and stirring and my delicious pea soup is born! Although a time consuming project, the results were always appreciated and soooo good. Sure hope I can muster up the strength myself this year. Idea! Maybe I can fill the pot containing the bone several times with water! That will eliminate one lift! Ya think? Well here goes.....tomorow!

Who could throw away a ham bone without making some kind of soup? Mine turns out as smooth as a puree without any machine involvement. No straining either. Pure and simple. No other vegetables or ham pieces are added. I wonder how many kettles of this I have made in my lifetime as a wife and mother. Probably about 65 is my guess! Maybe more.

This time I'm trying a different variety of split peas. Not green - yellow! Time will tell if they are up to the flavor test! Salt and pepper optional when served.

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  1. Can't wait to hear what the yellow peas are like. I like ham & beans too. Now, I'm craving good hot soup!!