Monday, December 20, 2021

The Stone

My daughter was given this piece of rock from a family member who works in a nearby quarry. It is amazing. I have not been able to visit in person but she took pictures to show me. 

It measures 19" by 23" and is VERY heavy.

I see a large tree, several tall pines, colorful mountains and grayish dawn skies. What a picture it is! We think the "pine trees" are actually fossils of plants and the "tree" on the left is a large leafy one, perhaps mold, but cannot figure out how the beautiful and colorful streaks could have developed. I suspect mineralization. 

Several more pictures are shown below.

Tap on image to enjoy Nature's Creation!


  1. I would say it might be iron layered in..hard water seeping down and though maybe. Very beautiful! A true nature painting.

  2. Love the "art" you see.
    I'd like guess it's agate?

  3. Just popping by after I posted my last blog of the year to wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

  4. Happy, Happy Christmas...