Monday, December 13, 2021

Different Plates

Sometimes just before I nod off at nap time the mind goes into overdrive and today was no different. This is all about plates and servings. 

Life gives each one of us a different plate. Some have beautiful looking contents but no taste; some have a plain assortment of servings but will both nourish and please. Others contain negative stuff that is really bad for you. Some are empty.

Think of some of the plates that you have been served and what was on them. One portion might be good health. Others might be fortune, love, peace, happiness, OR  pain, disaster, loss, terror; perhaps a combination. 

Throughout life, plates and contents change. Often there is no rhyme nor reason. Plates break - contents spill. Messes are cleaned but the odor remains. Maybe it is the fragrance that remains instead. The stain remains? Maybe no stain is perceived. When the plate that is already empty and is broken, it might be replaced and refilled with something more disastrous or perhaps something new and good. 

What's on your plate? NOW? My concept today is confusing - even to myself.

The nookworm strikes again


  1. Right now my plate is pretty full. I think that may be a good thing.

  2. Love your musing!

    On my plate now, is gratitude for coming through a long sickness, and for feeling so much better. Health! The best thing!

    "Miss B.B."