Thursday, October 6, 2022

Early October Colors

It reached 65° here this morning and wasn't raining so I grabbed my scarf, gloves, hat and jacket and took Buggy out with the camera.

I know there will be muddy puddles to avoid but the air felt clear and I need some. It has been very difficult these last two weeks without my eyeglasses and I took pictures anyway. My new lenses had better come in soon because it is frustrating to use the camera without good eyesight! I had to leave the old glasses as I didn't want the expense of new frames. Now I regret that! 

First are the wild turkeys... they gobbled at me and I gobbled back. It was fun! If you look closely you will see that they are where they are due to bird feeders nearby. Soon after I took the photos, they ran up into the woods behind the home.

The rest are shots of nearby trees and bushes that have some color but not at all like their usual burst of glory.

Blogger had something gone askew and my individual images won't upload so.....I made a short slide show!

Click on link to view..AUTUMN COLORS


  1. Great job on the slide show. I loved it. I think the colors there are magnificent. I know I overuse the word wow, but Wow it is! You really captured some great shots of the turkeys. The ones we encounter when out walking don't hang around long because of Millie.

  2. Loved seeing the silo framed in those colorful tree tops!! And the turkeys...sweet. And colorful too.

  3. hope you get your glasses soon!

    but you "did good" without them.

    Gentle hugs,