Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Yesterday I noticed that my plant with the promising blossom is acting strangely. It looks as if it plans to attack its neighbor! I didn't take a picture of it today but the stalk of the blossom is in a really twisted shape just like a very tall capital S! I don't think this is normal behavior!

I was feeling a bit ambitious yesterday, knowing I need to move more instead sitting so much. I prepared meals for the future and now have stored main courses for six more dinners in the freezer.  I know how to avoid the cleanup of the baking pan however, without purchasing the throw-away kind! It's been a long time since I've enjoyed stuffed shells!
I  apologize for the overly red coloring. I had to use the flash to take this shot as it came out of the oven so late! I think the foil reflected the light and I don't like the result, but too late to correct!
One thing I still have to do is get the rest of the clean curtains up over three more windows. I've been able to achieve that with a few already but the last three are very difficult for me to reach and hook with only one arm  There is also a couch and a chair in the way. It is a challenge and I'm going to go at it later.  (I wasn't going to put up curtains this season but I miss the cozy feeling they give me.)
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  1. Today's report on the menacing plant!!!!!! we are waiting....

    yes, cover pans in some way and avoid messy clean up. I like parchement paper for some things, when you only have to cover the bottom.


  2. For me curtains are the cherry on the sundae. The final you say: comforting.

  3. "Ambitious" for sure. I am impressed with your industry in preparing frozen dinners in advance. and, they look oh-so-delicious. We lost our large freezer and lots of frozen meats this week. It was lots of work and a big loss but we will survive.
    I hope the "Menacing plant" as bbb called it straightens up and behaves properly toward the neighbors. Who would think that plants could behave so human-like. :~/