Friday, October 7, 2022


Today was a day of joy for me. My friend from HI came to visit when she was in PA visiting her sister and brother and their families. I haven't seen her in several years due to Covid. Unfortunately we stayed out on the front porch because she had a feeling of sniffles coming on and neither one of us wanted to take any chances of closer contact. It didn't matter as we reminisced and enjoyed time together. Yes, it was brisk! She brought me two lovely gifts. One a pineapple ornament and the other a hand soap pump with nourishing and botanical ingredients. It smells GREAT!

Then my local daughter and her husband unexpectedly arrived! They have both recovered from serious cases of Covid and she is working on ambulating after her recent hip surgery. They had been to the orchard and brought me Macoun apples! My VERY favorite! The ladies of course knew each other as they practically grew up together when they were younger. Wonderful that they stopped in!
After they all left I was feeling ambitious so got myself together with determination to get those empty windows covered with the clean curtains. It was difficult with only one arm that can reach up, but with the help of a flashlight, two clothespins, and perseverance I got 'er done! Made a difference. That's one long flimsy rod! See before and after.
And....the plant is still in attack mode! I wonder why it is acting so much like humans by threatening others!!!!
Just bloom and get it over with!

It is only 50° and raw out. No buggy rides for another few days, I guess. I plan for it to leave home November 1 for winter storage. 
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  1. Lovely visit all round.

    And delightful gifts, including apples.

    Glad your daughter is doing so well, after operation.

    Yes the windows look so much more cozy!!!!!

    But dont think it was wise, to do it, all by yourself.

    I know.... how else ?