Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Autumn Happenings

Early in this morning's view I saw the Canada Geese resting on the lake in preparation for their annual flight south. It happens every year about this time.

Their arrival prompted me to take another buggy ride to see if there are more colors evident in the surrounding close-by areas. Some images were taken at Lake Chrisann and others at Heart Lake. It was a cool day but I got through the journey with success. Soon the buggy will be leaving for winter storage. When the milkweed are open it's the time to do this!
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By the way I didn't see a single critter!


  1. This was surely one glorious buggy ride, and not to be missed. I love your picture of the geese on the lake. I am working hard to get outside things ready for the winter. We are still in drought so we may miss out this year on some of our beautiful fall colors.

  2. Beautiful photos. So glad you got out on such a nice day.

  3. Beautiful fall colors