Tuesday, October 18, 2022

See? See! I Can Seeeeeeee

Ever since I was a teenager I have worn eyeglasses. My first ones were with pearly baby blue frames. I remember them well! You see, my boyfriend's father realized I didn't see very well and I had just gotten my driver's license at age 17.  (He was the father of my first husband.) So, he had a friend who gave me the optical tests and I picked out frames and soon I had glasses. I absolutely remember my reaction that pleased him so much! On the way home with him driving, I could see branches on the trees! I could see telephone poles and wires! I could read road signs! I could see windowpanes and roof tiles! Now to be truthful I have also believed he paid for those eyeglasses. It was several years later that reading glasses became necessary as well. I bought them myself as I had a job at a local children's store in town. 

Well...... yesterday the long-awaited phone call came that my new lenses in both pairs of my eyeglasses were in and ready for pickup. My daughter took me to get them. I thought I'd save some $ by having new lenses put in my 5 year old frames as they were still very useable. Silver tone for closeup, gold tone for distance. Same frame. It took three days short of 4 weeks for them to come! I suffered eyestrain and severe dry eyes the entire time without them. Drops didn't help. As a substitute, I wore very old ones for closeup vision and very very old prescription sunglasses for distance viewing such as tv and looking outdoors. I complained the entire time, never realizing how much I depended on my vision.

The good thing... two new cases, one very pretty! Next time I won't try to save $, if there is ever a next time! Cost $586.00! (not counting exam) I don't have dental, vision or audio insurance. 

It is soooooooo good to see clearly again. 


  1. Good for you!! I have to get my DL renewed and I will probably need new Rx lenses.

  2. Yay for your new glasses! I doubt that I could pass my drivers' test with my current glasses. I am just waiting for my new insurance, beginning on Jan. 1, to schedule an eye exam.