Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Dress

Today is my mother's 108th birthday. I honor her with this post because the celebration of my parent's 50th anniversary was one she planned and organized and was very happy when it all went so well.

When the 50th anniversary party was planned, there was to be a surprise for all to see. It was something she called "The Dress" and she wrote a long story about it many years ago. I will post that next blog. Get ready for a long read there!

The year of this event was 1984. 

Now to better explain the sequence. In 1896 my mother's parents were married on August 12. Their 50th anniversary was celebrated at our home with a casual dinner in the backyard with guests on August 12, 1946.

In 1934 my parents were married on August 12. Their 50th anniversary was celebrated at a Masonic Hall near their home on August 12, 1984 with many guests invited. I don't find a photo of her wearing the dress. She once told me she did, but no photos were taken.

The surprise at the 50th Anniversary party was my youngest daughter wearing the exact unaltered dress that, at the time was then 88 years old. She was thin enough at age 27 to model it well. The dress was eventually donated to a historical society in the Budd Lake NJ area in 2005, the year of her death.

The photos were all labeled by my mother and put in a hand-crafted album made by my sister Jeanette. I treasure that album. 

My brother was the Master of Ceremonies, my sister Jeanette, made dozens of white ceramic doves as table gifts for the guests. The dove has different meanings for marriage but mostly peace, devotion and love in this story. Today I have two. One is mine, the other was my parent's. My sister Joyce, provided the cake.  Years later I was given the pretty vase that was the 50th anniversary gift at my grandparents' anniversary celebration. It held yellow roses. I have my mother's wedding ring and I can see how thin it became and the best part is that I still can read the interior inscription— Tranquility GNN & PFD 8-12-'34.

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  1. How lovely that your daughter could wear it.....

    Now, for October Eves.
    🍁 🌻 πŸ‚ 🌰 πŸ‚ 🌻 🍁

  2. Wow Ms G....this post gave me chills. Not creepy chills, but chills from your devoted family and long marriages!! Extraordinary.

  3. So nice! I read the story before here, and both posts show how important family and loved ones can be. Glad your daughter was able to model the dress. Very beautiful!

  4. What a lovely of my favorites here at Connections More. The family pictures are treasures for sure. I see that you have already posted the next part, which should be an enjoyable read (which I will get to a bit later today.)