Thursday, September 29, 2022

So Far So Good

I've been in contact with my granddaughter who lives in NY about her sister (my granddaughter) who was just visiting there with her daughter (my great grandaughter). They headed back to her home in Coral Gables via air just before Ian came through.  They could have stayed in NY but her husband was in FL so they left. I just heard this morning that they had arrived safely and now have no power and lots of rain and water issues but are OK. Whew!

I have another friend whose two adult sisters live in Naples and they stayed, did not evacuate, generator quit so have no power and have severe damage to their home but also are OK.

My friend from Western PA is in SC at the campground where we often went in the past. She used to camp there but for the last few years has rented a villa instead and planned to stay until November 1, visiting me as she traveled home. Well, I haven't heard anything from her but do know the campground usually had an evacuation plan for hurricanes. We evacuated once and after that, for a long time, had a tub full of necessities ready in case of another event. I'm hoping to hear from her soon. Right now I think SC is in a state of emergency but no mandatory evacuations yet.


  1. Hope everyone remains safe. It looks like the storm was real bad. I have friends in Florida who also lost power but had generators going.