Saturday, September 10, 2022


Whew! Saved by the bell!  This AM as I was doing my usual run-through of friends and places on the 2013 laptop, I noticed the light on the charger wasn't on and the laptop battery was draining down as I cruised here and there. OH! I sure don't need a computer problem now! Well, who does?  

I went through my files and could not find where I had stored the paperwork for this computer, remembering that the charger had failed in the past due to a broken wire which I had covered with black electrical tape. Then a light went on! I had a special zippered sack where I kept all of the paperwork for this particular computer and it was calling to me, "OPEN ME" so I did. I found all the paperwork, wires, and stuff in it plus the order invoice when I had to replace the charger before. AND...the old one, with the broken wire covered in black electrical tape was in there too! Joy! Joy! Joy! I put that old charger to use and it still works, so I'm fine until a new one has arrived. The date on the invoice is 9/24/20 so that tells me the replacement that just today failed, was only two years old. The repaired one is also saved but I have no idea why it failed. 

I'm back in business folks. Hopefully I won't have to buy a new laptop for a while yet.

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  1. A broken "anything" on a computer is no fun. Anytime. Hope your'fix' will keep going, and going, and the Energizer bunny!!